Blackout provides a compelling look into the first person experiences of your fellow passengers - challenging viewers to consider the common assumptions we hold of the strangers in our lives. 27 different people have volunteered their time to tell their stories for Blackout – below is a small selection of them. 

Liam finn

Liam Finn tells his coming of age story as an ambitious young musician growing up in a small town in New Zealand to move to New York City. Liam transports us from the intoxicating thrill of his first show to the ever-present doubts of a mid-career performer. The former frontman of New Zealand band Betchadupa, a layered, multi instrumental approach is a regular feature in Liam's live shows.  His solo shows see him switching from guitar to drums to hair-raising theremin solos, making him electrifying live performer. 


W.A.F.F.L.E (We Are Family For Life Ent.) was established in early 2011 by local NYC Litefeet dancers Andrew Saunders (Goofy Kid), Joel Kozik Leitch (Aero Ace), Yushon Stroughn (Sonic). The clique started as underground performers on the Q train and slowly built a name for themselves. This NYC based collective now consists of 10-12 of talented dancers whose works include music video appearances, TV commercials and countless dance battles within Litefeet Nation

Ella Al-Shamahi

Ella is a paleoanthropologist and archaeologist with a knack for communicating science through stand-up comedy. Her specialty is Neanderthals, particularly Paleolithic cave excavations in disputed or unstable territories.  But working in Yemen, her family's country of origin, poses special challenges, from wearing a burka to security issues. 

Ella says stand-up comedy helps her cope with the darker side of her work and acts as a way to communicate to people why science is important.

Oneika Mays

Oneika Mays recounts the subtle personality and perspective shifts that have become a fundamental part of her volunteer work teaching yoga to incarcerated women on New York’s Rikers Island.

...and many more!


Blackout is a labor of love and we're very lucky to have the generous involvement of some incredibly talented collaborators who are inspired to explore what it means to create meaningful, immersive stories in a virtual reality format. 


The team at Antfood are exceptionally skilled composers of music, sound design and immersive, aural experiences. Based in Brooklyn, NY - their focus on combining classic, analog sonics with a contemporary workflow makes them the perfect partners for Blackout.  We are working together with Antfood's talented team of creators and producers to design a rich, emotive soundscape for Blackout.  The result will be an immersive, 'multi-naural' audio experience. Together we are developing the tools that make designing interactive audio experiences within a game engine possible.

Hannah Jayanti

With a tendency towards the quieter stories, the seemingly insignificant, Hannah's strong sense of the empathic power of storytelling has been essential to defining the narrative for Blackout. Presented with a unique opportunity to combine her love of literature, documentary storytelling and experimental video art, Hannah brings a sensibility to the film that subtly speaks to the vulnerability and beauty of being human.

Matt Wilson

With more than 10 years of experience in the visual effects industry, Matt's credentials range from retouching and photo-illustration work, high-end 3D design for brands like Chanel and Nike to a wide array of feature film credits.  Matt's long standing passion for photography and sharp aesthetics for 3D design make him a perfect addition to the team.  An exceptional 3D generalist, he is responsible for creating the models, textures and lighting for Blackouts virtual train environment.

Charlotte Kaufman

Co-founder & Impact Producer at Pitchslap, Charlotte's experience as a director, editor and DP has been crucial in the development and execution of Blackout.  From writing and conducting the on-set interviews to consulting and filming the Kickstarter content to bringing us donuts and smiles in the darkest hours.  We really wouldn't have been able to do this without her.